We will meet at Hood Crest Winery, then load into the Sol Train (12 passenger van) with a 10min. shuttle over to where the tour begins @Panorama Point.

    Our pedal starts with magnificent views of Mount Hood and will continue to captivate and impress. Sharing history of the valley and gazing through the orchards as we approach the HR Lavender Farm. Resting and snacking or 'picking' in the scented aroma of over 75 varieties of Lavender, we leave smelling fresh and invigorated. Making our way around the mid-valley of Hood River and continuing along part of the 'fruit loop', we set our sights rolling towards where the cars are parked to indulge in a tasting of award winning varietals, (included with tour) you deserve it. Gourmet kitchen and wood fired pizza oven are not to miss.

      We cover some good ground at a moderate pace and the eBikes make the effort minimal.

      This tour pedals along quiet country roads, you must be comfortable in that situation. 


                 - Morning tour: begins @ 10am

  - Meet @ Hood Crest Winery 1900 Orchard Rd.


              Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

                        duration: 3.5 hours

                          10am - 1:30pm                 

         cost: $109 per person. Shuttle and wine                      tasting from Hood Crest included.

                     *4 PERSON MINIMUM

                        **custom available






Thank you firefighters for keeping our c
Fantastic tour with fantastic people, st
 e-bike riders must be at least 16 years of age or older. 
Oregon state law.
101 Oak St, Hood River, OR 97031