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Independently owned and community grown. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, and a 2021 and 2022 recipient of the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award , Sol Rides came about with the freedom to explore the wide open spaces of the Columbia River Gorge with the new and radical approach to mobility - Electric 'pedal assist' Bikes, aka: E-Bikes, Pedelecs (pedal electrics).

Sol Rides owner and lead tour guide Charlie Crocker has brought extensive knowledge and passion for guiding and instructing into the realm of E-Bikes here in the the Gorge. What he enjoys most about Sol Rides is that everyone is moving along at the same pace, equal playing fields and instantly we all enjoy a similar giddy feeling once had as a child when riding on two wheels.

Able to leap over mountains with one single pedal stroke, Annick would normally be a challenge to keep up with. Fortunately we are all going to be using a little 'assist' with the E-Bikes and that makes you as fast as her:) Enthusiasm to keep the day as grand as possible makes Annick a valued guide. Her approach to safety and keeping everyone together could not be more spot on. All the while sharing the history and wonder like a Wikipedia article. For many years her office was located out of the Bonneville Dam in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Hint: ask her anything about hydroelectric. 

The talented and healing hands of Jen O are a welcome addition to the Sol Rides team. Her gracious and friendly demeanor will keep you smiling throughout the day and her interest in everything Oregon will amaze all of us. When Jen is not riding bikes, cooking scrumptious veggie foods or doing yoga her world is at work doing JenO Massage. 

Originally born and raised in Oregon, Tony soon found himself in Colorado living the lifestyle of a ski/ bike bum, building his skills enough to manage a ski shop in the winter and doing the bike buying and lead bike technician in the summer. All things go for this guy, including his insatiable quest to roam about the world. Skiing in Japan, surfing in mexico, kiteboarding in Spain...where to next? Well if we can keep him here long enough perhaps his roots will connect back to Oregon.

The photo of Sam depicts his soft spoken demeanor in which he will make you feel like a friend and an honored guest. Our main go to guy in the shop knows how to fix anything that's broken, a technician through and through and a dog owner of 2 (Saint Bernards)

When Sam doesn't have a tool in his hand you will find him searching for craft brews and a high alpine lake to SUP board around.

The guy behind the creative and IT side of the Sol Rides webpage, Sam has shown himself to be a computer savant, able to write code and talk with the most accomplished tech wizards around. Residing in SLC, UT. where the sunshine is in his favor, as he enjoys walking to the gym and cruising around the city on foot. Showing interest in spending more time outside, on bikes and skis, we look forward to Sam's next return visit to Oregon.

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